Recycled graffiti

The pieces I had returned to me from the recent
knitty happening are way too pretty to lie around my lounge.
So tonight I put them up in public again.

I picked a spot where lots of kids (and parents) pass by
when they walk to school. I hope they will enjoy them!

Recycled graffiti – I like it!

Not a very good photo, I know, I will take a new one in daylight!

I also (for the first time!) removed one of my old pieces.
I decided it was time to go to wool heaven...
It’s been there for 10 months – not bad!

Knitters – I hope you’re happy with the new location?
The poles are 17cmx37cm if you feel like adding another piece!


Woolly advertising

A friend of mine asked me if I could help her “do a fence”.
Need I say that she was part of the heartening in Parnell?

They are having a big garage sale at the school and didn’t want just
an ordinary sign. So we made a woolly sign instead!
(And, yes, she asked for permission.)

(Garage sale! Sat 24 April 8am)

Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?!


Welcome to the fair

Last weekend was the big annual school fair at our school.
I wanted people to feel welcome so I knitted a colorful piece
full of green and blue beads.

The school fair is over but the woolly tag is still there,
welcoming the kids to school.


They come and they go...

I walked by Khartoum Place today and was very disappointed to see
that the pieces on the light pole and “I dare u” were removed...

Sad, isn’t it?

I walked up the steps and at first glance it looked like the bike stands were not
stripey anymore. But when some of the people that were standing there moved, I saw
that they had been squished down to the bottom. Well, at least they were still there.

I can’t help thinking about something; the Open Art day and our knitty happening
coincided with the opening of the Auckland triennial. This year it’s called
- An exploration of the ongoing possibilities for adventure and risk in art.”

Hmm, risk in art?
What happened when we took a risk in art?
The art was removed...

Or maybe they were not removed by the council or the gallery?
Maybe someone liked them and took them home?

Anyway, pieces come and go, that’s the charm of knitted graffiti!


Let’s stitch up Khartoum Place!

Some art galleries around Khartoum Place here in Auckland
have founded Auckland Art Precinct,
and today they had a special Open Art day.

The invitation to a knitted graffiti happening in a post below,
was to show support for the Auckland Art Precinct.
(Hence the black and yellow colours.)

Today the gorgeous pieces I have had sent to me, were put in place.

Khartoum Place
Yes, it’s right outside Auckland Art Gallery,
where I put up Awesome a couple of weeks ago!

If you walk up the steps you come to Upper Khartoum Place,
where we decided to prettify two bike stands.

450 silver beads leave a challenge to whoever wants to pick it up.

Big thank you

to all the knitters,
to Laurel for helping me putting it up,
and to Mira for taking the fab photos.


The greenest green

An amazingly fluorescent green piece was in my letterbox today!


Thanks Yvonne!

And I have finally finished my own piece

This is a sneak peak of another piece that is going up on Sunday.
Probably the best one I’ve done so far...

Stay tuned


Woolly mail

Woolly mail have started to arrive in my letterbox.

Look at these amazing pieces!

From Glennie in Devonport, stripy and stylish.

From Megan in Tauranga, a beginner but has still sent me 2 pieces!

Sarah from CottonKiwi made this fab Jolly Rogers. So cool!

Sarah also made this one, a bit curled up now but will look great when put in place.

Sarah’s mum has contributed with this amazing piece full of yellow “knots”!

The Gritty-Knitter in Whanganui sent me 3 funky pieces!

Thanks guys!

On Sunday they will decorate...

To be continued


The Queen

Today there’s a Kid’s Treasure Hunt here in Devonport.
It's organised by friends of mine and they asked me if I wanted to knit a clue for them!

“ The Band Rotunda behind the library has musical notes around the bars.
What is the tune? Find a clue on the banister.

New addition

It’s quite amazing, one of my first pieces
I love knitting

that I put up 9 months ago, is still there!

But someone has added three little knitted teddies.
Once again, I have no idea who did it...
But I’m happy to see that there are more people
who like to decorate our neighbourhood!


Join in!

I’m planning a new knitted graffiti happening and this time I would love it to be big!
It will be at a central location and will hopefully attract a lot of attention.

Would you like to join in?

Knit a piece that is
36cm wide.
Any length, pattern or yarn.
Preferably black and/or yellow but any colour is fine.

But, please knit fast!

I need your piece by the 10 March!

Since I have the bad habit of not asking the council for permission,
I’m not gonna give out any more information here. But send
me an email to the address in the column to the right and I will send you
more information and details regarding where to send your beautiful piece.

Happy knitting!