A few days ago, I was contacted by a journalist from Sunday News.
She wanted to do an article about street art and asked if I wanted to be part of it.

She was also going to interview the street artists from Cut Collective, who have an exhibition, Public access, opening at The Auckland Art Gallery today.
(Check the link, it looks really cool)

I walked by the gallery on Wednesday, the guys were busy spray painting
the walls outside the gallery and it looked so cool! And then it hit me
I’m gonna tag them!

Last night I met with the journo and a photographer outside the gallery, a tag in my bag.
I put it up while he took some photos. When we had just finished, the doors to the gallery opened and a grumpy security guard put his head out and asked me what I was doing!

- I’m a street artist and I have just put up a piece of art.
- Have you got permission for that?
- No...
- You can’t put up something like that without permission from Auckland City Council.
etc, etc, etc...

To Auckland City Council

I’m a street artist and I have a head buzzing with ideas.
I put a lot of love, effort and time into my pieces and I only do it to make people happy.

I’m not causing damage to property and if people don’t like my work
they can just pull out a pair of scissors.

I’m sorry but I’m not going to ask for permission, the time involved
in the process would kill my creativity.


  1. Silly man. You put a lot of smiles on peoples' faces. I reckon its worth breaking a few rules just for that.

  2. Good on you - love your work!