Woolly mail

Woolly mail have started to arrive in my letterbox.

Look at these amazing pieces!

From Glennie in Devonport, stripy and stylish.

From Megan in Tauranga, a beginner but has still sent me 2 pieces!

Sarah from CottonKiwi made this fab Jolly Rogers. So cool!

Sarah also made this one, a bit curled up now but will look great when put in place.

Sarah’s mum has contributed with this amazing piece full of yellow “knots”!

The Gritty-Knitter in Whanganui sent me 3 funky pieces!

Thanks guys!

On Sunday they will decorate...

To be continued


  1. Wow! They all look really great! Bad luck the time was so short I could not contribute :(

  2. Oh dear, I am not going to make it!
    However there will be a buindle heading your way for you to do whatever you pl;ease with..

    the color way makes me think of bees and honey..