New project

The Woolly Walk Along is still up at wharf here in Devonport.
After a few repairs it's still looking really good. And so many people
have told me how much they love it! The tourists have arrived
in Auckland so I thought I'd leave it for the summer.

Now I have a new project in the pipe-line. Two years ago we put up
some pieces on the poles along a hand rail where a lot of kids
walk to school. I kind of planned to do all the poles but had too much on and
it never happened. The pieces are really manky so it's time to replace them.

I sent out an email to the TWWA team and also posted on facebook
and jeez – so many people want to join in. This time we will definitely
do all the poles and it might even be part of the hand rail!

Want to join in? Please send me an email.

Stay tuned – it will be in place for when the kids
go back to school 1 February.


TWWA going on auction

The Woolly Walk Along is a huge success!
I have had amazing feedback – people just love it!

Here is your chance to lay your hands on some of the amazing pieces
from The Woolly Walk Along. Some of the pieces have been listed
on TradeMe and all the proceeds will be donated to help building
up Christchurch after the earthquakes.

The most spectacular piece is of course the knitted Dan Carter.
He is now attached to a piece of wood that is signed by
(the real) Dan Carter and team captain Richie McCaw.
How cool is that!

Click on the images to go to the auctions.



The official Woolly Walk Along video is finished and it’s so beautiful!

Big thank you to Michael Miller for directing and filming.

Thanks also to Bryce McNamara for filming,
Matt Scott for the music and Gareth Dick for the editing.
You have all done an amazing job!


Add on!

A couple of late arrivals have been added to The Woolly Walk Along.
If you want to add on you own piece – go for it! The circumference is 26cm.
Maybe we end up covering the whole hand rail!

If you add on a piece, feel free to add a photo in the album here


Unfortunately, there has been some damage made to TWWA.

Someone has taken ‘Dan, our man’

Elmo has only one arm left

And the cute wee owl is gone...

Street art is street art.
It comes and it goes.
But it was sad to see them go...


Video at The Localist

Very soon we will post the official The Woolly Walk Along video.


Yep, The Woolly Walk Along ended up in the newspaper
– a full page article in the weekend section!

You can read it on-line here.


Proudly presenting...

The Woolly Walk Along is now installed at
the Devonport Wharf, Auckland, New Zealand.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the amazing
artists who have contributed to this art project.
Thank you to everyone who helped out installing it.
Thank you to people in charge, for giving us permission
to give this free public art to the people in Auckland.
Thank you to everyone who in any way have been part of
The Woolly walk Along. I couldn’t have done it without you!



It was a very foggy and mysterious morning
when we headed down to the wharf in Devonport.
But the fog cleared and it was a sunny and lovely day!
We had so much fun!

All photos by Michael Miller and Dag Young

More photos here

and here