The knitted convenience

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The knitted convenience

Guerrilla knitter Denise Litchfield is taking over
a public building with knit as part of Design 09.

On Saturday August 8th in Taylor Square, Sydney, a team of lavatory
assistants, urban knitters and crocheters will descend on the heritage
listed amenity on Oxford St to reclaim it back into the public eye.

Knit your bit and be part of Sydney’s Design ’09 event.

Blur the lines between graffiti, art, and the role of knitting
in a contemporary world.

10 out of 12...

... of the flowers are already gone.
I hope people picked them to enjoy them...


I planted some flowers

I got up early this morning
(well it wasn't THAT early, there were quite a few people out
there but no one was interested in what I was doing)

and planted some flowers.

Devonport, Auckland


A hippy for Canberra

I have finally finished my piece for
the installation in Canberra!

If you’re not familiar with NZ music,
this is a quote from the song “Fame is”
by Crowded House.


BC&K (and Knitty) in the newspaper!

You might have noticed that some of the comments
on this blog are in a strange language.
Well, I’m originally from Sweden and there are some swedish
following my blog. And that makes me very happy!

I’m a member of the swedish blog
Busy crochet & knitting
which my sister started. Today there is an
about her and BC&K on the
website of one of Sweden’s largest newspapers!

Well done sis, love your work!


Toadstools on K’ Rd?!

When I crossed K’ Rd yesterday something
red caught
my attention. I took a closer look
and they were wee knitted toadstools!

Very cute!

Who put them there?
No, it wasn’t me...

Karangahape Rd, Auckland


Snug as a bug

The temperature at night has dropped to 2 degrees
this week and this little girl has been freezing.
Not anymore!
And look at the big smile!

Devonport, Auckland



This is a sneak peak of my piece for the installation at
The National Gallery of Australia
in Canberra in July. The installation is organised by
and I think it will be very cool!
I will show the whole piece as soon as it’s finished...