Sneak peek

Lots of people have already joined Woollypoles in Devonport!

This installation will be colour themed and as you
can see below, it will be very bright and colourful.
Here is a sneak peek of the work in progress.

 Strickbombe even matches her toe nails to her piece!

Donegal Yarnbomb is going with an Irish theme.

Sandie has made her trademark stunning flowers!

 Yarn Bombing Manawatu has got something
really interesting coming up!

 Madhu has picked a bright blue colour for her piece. Like it!

Spencer has created some amazing corals.

And I guess you know by now,
that I enjoy leaving a message.

The pieces are pretty cool, eh!

You are more than welcome to join in
– send me an email to the address at the top of the right column.


A new woolly adventure

Yes I have a new adventure in the pipeline!

The Woolly Walk Along was a huge success and 
The Devonport Arts festival has invited me to create 
a new installation for the revived festival in November.

Would you like to join in?

Please send me an email on the address to the top right.


The Woolly Walk Along – The Book

The Woolly Walk Along – The Book, is here! 

I have created a 10"x8" cloth-bound book with 42 pages featuring 
stunning photography from this hugely successful wool installation. 

The book is created using MILK Books and thanks to the lovely people 
at MILK Books I can offer the book to you with a great discount 
– US$50 and free shipping (normally US$54 + shipping). 

To order your own copy – send me an email on knittygraffity at hotmail dot com

You can view the whole book as a flip book by clicking the image below.