The Next Big Thing

I received an email from Next magazine a couple of weeks ago.
They asked if they could interview me about knitted graffiti. Sure thing!

I thought it would be a little snippet but it turned out to be a full page article!
Not only about me of course, but... Well, you can read it here:

The Next Big Thing



Knitters Unite for Climate Change

A friend sent me a message about
Oxfam organising a protest
around Climate Change

An action will take place at Aotea Square this Saturday (12 December).
They are trying to get 800 metres of knitting and will make a trail from
Aotea Square to Britomart. Unfortunately I have other commitments
on Saturday so I can’t join in, but at least I can send a piece.

So last Friday I caught up with 2 friends over a bottle of wine.
A and I brought our needles and A had nicked some yarn from her
daughter’s craft box! Look at her colourful piece!

I used my fluffy yarns. Tonight I was going to finish my piece
and my lovely 8-year old daughter wanted to join in. We sew on some
beautiful silk and she wrote some messages on them.

Switch off lights

Turn off the TV


Don’t waste water



I’ve been so busy knitting cuffs lately
that I’ve forgotten to post my latest pimping!



Knitty Graffity = Mira Design

I have created a blog for my crafts.


Isle of view

Isle of view... Say it out loud three, four, five times and listen to the words.
Isle of view. Isle of view. I...


Done some pimping

“How are you today” was falling apart (again),
so last night my dedicated torch holder, my daughter
(jeez, now I have involved her in my illegal activities...)
and I went for a walk. We took it off and replaced it with
a new one in a different spot on the wharf.

There are 2 new pieces on the wharf!
Same style so I think they are made by the same person.
They look different from the green/blue wavy one though,
so I wonder if a 3rd person is involved??

We continued our walk up the road and jazzed up the market sign a bit.
I hope you don’t mind, Sarah and Sarah!

The first Sunday every month, I have a table at the
Devonport Craft Market. I sell my handmade crafts –
beaded merino cuffs, kid’s beanies, jewellery, wine charms etc.


Devonport Wharf and Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland


Very Good

The new issue of the magazine Good is out.
Good is a brilliant magazine about sustainable living
and this issue features an article called “Pimp your street”.

#14 Get knitty with it

Picture of Outdoor knit and their lovely fence decoration.

Some info about Knitta Please.

Info and pics from the amazing installation in Christchurch by Slip and co.


“...Woollen warmers proclaming ‘Smile’ and ‘Love’
encircle the branches of a Devonport tree...”



The exhibition “A Good Yarn” opened yesterday and it’s
an amazing variety of textile art.
I wish I could show you
but I was not allowed to take photos (which makes sense).

Here are photos of my work

Protect me

Bead knitting, black cotton yarn with more than 1600 silver beads knitted in to it. Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with metallic seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 45x25cm.

Side effect of the swine flu
(Pooh and Eeyore decided to have Piglet put down)

Tapestry (16.000 stitches!) with knitted frame.
My own lovely hand dyed cotton yarn. 50x40cm

(love in maori)

Knitting, once again my hand dyed yarn.
Fluffy yarn around the heart and seed beads on the inside.
Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 15x30cm.


Sneak peak

I’m going to be part of a textile art exhibition here in Devonport!
It’s so exciting!
I’m frantically working on a couple of really cool pieces. I mean frantically,
the exhibition opens next weekend and my pieces are not finished...

Here is a sneak peak

There are around 1500 beads involved...

Yep, I do tapestry as well. :-)


A fellow knitter!

There’s a new piece on the wharf and I didn’t put it there!
Haha, someone has joined in! This is so cool!

Isn’t it pretty? It looks just like the waves.

Who are you? Leave me a message!
Let’s catch up over a coffee, eh?

I bet you are the one who mended my piece. :-)

Devonport wharf, Devonport, Auckland


3rd time lucky

The gangway at Devonport wharf has been closed for reparations.
Now it’s open again and of course it needs a new woolly tagging.
I like this spot, third time lucky!

Devonport wharf, Devonport, Auckland


Thank you!

I noticed the other day that my piece at Devonport wharf
was coming apart at the seam. The piece still looks pretty good
(I put it up in May), so this morning I decided to go and mend it.

When I got there, I could hardly believe my eyes.
Someone else had already fixed it!
It’s sitting there, a bit faded and fuzzy from the sun and the rain,
but neatly fixed to the hand rail. Someone else cares about
my woolly tagging and can be bothered to mend it!

Thank you!
You made my day



That’s all, folks.
Well, for this time.

I’ll be back!
(did you hear the Schwarzenegger accent?)

Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland



To be continued...

Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland



To be continued...

Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland


Hmmm...nice tree...

Hmm, that is a nice tree.
A lot of people are passing by here...
...trunk 38cm, branches 30, 21 and 12cm...

To be continued...

Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland


Stripy and bright

My old piece on the Devonport wharf stretched
(cotton is not great for outdoor use...)
and looked a bit manky.
A few days ago it was gone. But it’s such a good spot,
with thousands of people passing by every day, so
I couldn’t keep my fingers off

Devonport wharf, Devonport, Auckland



Grrl and Magda and the rest of the team
in Canberra are doing such a wonderful job!
How cool is this!?
Look at the colours, patterns and various designs...

This is the entrance to The National Gallery.
The pillars are 10m high...

And look, my piece has found it’s home!
Thanks heaps Grrl!

More images here

Canberra, Australia


Colourful Canberra

The grrl and Magda and the rest of the team
are very busy at the National Gallery in Canberra.
Look at the colours! Love it!

Follow their work here

Canberra, Australia


She’s got a hat!

When I walked by ‘Nicole’ yesterday I was
surprised to see that she’s got a hat!
And some more accessories. All in matching colours.

I don’t know who you are, but if you visit my blog,
please leave me a message.

Devonport, Auckland


The knitted convenience

Looking for a new project? Join
The knitted convenience

Guerrilla knitter Denise Litchfield is taking over
a public building with knit as part of Design 09.

On Saturday August 8th in Taylor Square, Sydney, a team of lavatory
assistants, urban knitters and crocheters will descend on the heritage
listed amenity on Oxford St to reclaim it back into the public eye.

Knit your bit and be part of Sydney’s Design ’09 event.

Blur the lines between graffiti, art, and the role of knitting
in a contemporary world.

10 out of 12...

... of the flowers are already gone.
I hope people picked them to enjoy them...


I planted some flowers

I got up early this morning
(well it wasn't THAT early, there were quite a few people out
there but no one was interested in what I was doing)

and planted some flowers.

Devonport, Auckland