Recycled graffiti

The pieces I had returned to me from the recent
knitty happening are way too pretty to lie around my lounge.
So tonight I put them up in public again.

I picked a spot where lots of kids (and parents) pass by
when they walk to school. I hope they will enjoy them!

Recycled graffiti – I like it!

Not a very good photo, I know, I will take a new one in daylight!

I also (for the first time!) removed one of my old pieces.
I decided it was time to go to wool heaven...
It’s been there for 10 months – not bad!

Knitters – I hope you’re happy with the new location?
The poles are 17cmx37cm if you feel like adding another piece!


  1. Yay for recycled knitty graffity!

  2. ah, a well loved piece that has gone to wool heaven.

    Isnt it grand to know it has had a good life?

  3. What a fabulous idea! The idea of recycled graffiti sounds wonderful to me.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!