Stitching Coromandel

I have been away on holiday – four lovely days in beautiful Coromandel.
And of course I did some tagging!

I had knitted a piece for Coromandel Town and it was made
to sit on a park bench. We strolled around the main street and there it was
- the perfect bench!

The day after we stayed in Whitianga
and we left some love behind.


Flower power

Hehe, it didn’t take long to get mum involved!

I showed her the other day how to make flowers and when I came home from work,
she had made heaps. And the day after she knitted some woolly grass and
attached the flowers to it. Last night she sneaked out and put up her first piece.

Welcome to the club, Knitty Sr!


Coffee lover

My all time favourite barista and coffee roaster, Alessandro from Sicily,
has opened up a new coffee shop here in Devonport. He makes the most amazing coffee
and he’s a really cool guy, so I thought I’d show him my appreciation.

Big thank you to Knitty Sr who’s here for a visit. We went out last night
to put this piece up but my memory had played tricks on me and it was too narrow...
Knitty Sr has spent the day knitting an extra strip and sewn it on. Tonight we went
for a walk, my committed torch holder came along as usual, and now the piece is
there, outside Alessandro’s hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, Santini.