Let’s stitch up Khartoum Place!

Some art galleries around Khartoum Place here in Auckland
have founded Auckland Art Precinct,
and today they had a special Open Art day.

The invitation to a knitted graffiti happening in a post below,
was to show support for the Auckland Art Precinct.
(Hence the black and yellow colours.)

Today the gorgeous pieces I have had sent to me, were put in place.

Khartoum Place
Yes, it’s right outside Auckland Art Gallery,
where I put up Awesome a couple of weeks ago!

If you walk up the steps you come to Upper Khartoum Place,
where we decided to prettify two bike stands.

450 silver beads leave a challenge to whoever wants to pick it up.

Big thank you

to all the knitters,
to Laurel for helping me putting it up,
and to Mira for taking the fab photos.


  1. Så bra med en fotograf i familjen :)
    Jätte-häftigt det blev - kul att du fick ihop så många bidrag !!