The Next Big Thing

I received an email from Next magazine a couple of weeks ago.
They asked if they could interview me about knitted graffiti. Sure thing!

I thought it would be a little snippet but it turned out to be a full page article!
Not only about me of course, but... Well, you can read it here:

The Next Big Thing



Knitters Unite for Climate Change

A friend sent me a message about
Oxfam organising a protest
around Climate Change

An action will take place at Aotea Square this Saturday (12 December).
They are trying to get 800 metres of knitting and will make a trail from
Aotea Square to Britomart. Unfortunately I have other commitments
on Saturday so I can’t join in, but at least I can send a piece.

So last Friday I caught up with 2 friends over a bottle of wine.
A and I brought our needles and A had nicked some yarn from her
daughter’s craft box! Look at her colourful piece!

I used my fluffy yarns. Tonight I was going to finish my piece
and my lovely 8-year old daughter wanted to join in. We sew on some
beautiful silk and she wrote some messages on them.

Switch off lights

Turn off the TV


Don’t waste water