105 hearts for Valentine's Day

Tonight 14 people met on Parnell Rise with their bags full of yarn.
Why? To heart a fence for Valentine’s Day.

We giggled and laughed. We dropped our wool on the wrong side of the fence
and some of us got very tangled up! And we all had so much fun!

The amount of hearts exceeded my expectations.

We created 105 woolly, fluffy hearts!

And some pics in day light

More pics on Outdoor knit’s blog and Flickr

Thanks everyone!
I really enjoyed it.


  1. That looks so cool! I hope it gets some smiles today :)

  2. Very cool knitty and knitty's mates!!!

  3. Had such a great time! Thanks again :D

  4. Yeah, it was fun, let’s do it again!

  5. Not surprised that fence gave its permission! LOVE it!

  6. love it:) my hubby saw the 'I've got knits' in devonport the other night and pointed it out to a mate who uses the ferry daily and had never noticed it!

  7. Because it was the night before Valentine’s Day and this world needs a lot more love.
    Because we wanted to bring something unexpected and colourful into peoples everyday life.
    Because we wanted to make people smile and I know we made it.
    Because it gave us lots of laughter and a memory we will share for life.