Sneak peak

I’m going to be part of a textile art exhibition here in Devonport!
It’s so exciting!
I’m frantically working on a couple of really cool pieces. I mean frantically,
the exhibition opens next weekend and my pieces are not finished...

Here is a sneak peak

There are around 1500 beads involved...

Yep, I do tapestry as well. :-)


A fellow knitter!

There’s a new piece on the wharf and I didn’t put it there!
Haha, someone has joined in! This is so cool!

Isn’t it pretty? It looks just like the waves.

Who are you? Leave me a message!
Let’s catch up over a coffee, eh?

I bet you are the one who mended my piece. :-)

Devonport wharf, Devonport, Auckland


3rd time lucky

The gangway at Devonport wharf has been closed for reparations.
Now it’s open again and of course it needs a new woolly tagging.
I like this spot, third time lucky!

Devonport wharf, Devonport, Auckland