They come and they go...

I walked by Khartoum Place today and was very disappointed to see
that the pieces on the light pole and “I dare u” were removed...

Sad, isn’t it?

I walked up the steps and at first glance it looked like the bike stands were not
stripey anymore. But when some of the people that were standing there moved, I saw
that they had been squished down to the bottom. Well, at least they were still there.

I can’t help thinking about something; the Open Art day and our knitty happening
coincided with the opening of the Auckland triennial. This year it’s called
- An exploration of the ongoing possibilities for adventure and risk in art.”

Hmm, risk in art?
What happened when we took a risk in art?
The art was removed...

Or maybe they were not removed by the council or the gallery?
Maybe someone liked them and took them home?

Anyway, pieces come and go, that’s the charm of knitted graffiti!


  1. Du gör dem för snygga. Det är bergis någon som har tagit "I dare you" och ramat in som tavla och hängt hemma på väggen....



  2. So odd that the gallery removed them; I s'pose any public art has to have their sanction to be mounted in "their" vicinity. Great to get them back though. At this stage I must tell how much I admire your PERSISTANCE.
    Sometimes PERSISTANCE is everything.

  3. Hi Knitty,

    I was there the night that 'I dare u' was taken. A man took it to warm his puppy! there was film being shot that night at the Gallery and everyone commented on how cool it was!

    thanks for decorating the streets!

  4. You’re joking? You were there? Well, I guess warming a puppy is a good cause! But how did he come up with the idea? And how did he get it off the pole?
    Happy to hear people liked it! What kind of film was shot? For Cut Collective?
    Thanks for letting me know!