It only gets better!

Well, the crafters that have joined The woolly walk along are truly amazing!
Here is an update on what they are up to.

Let’s start with the works in progress

The Kitty Knitter from NZ is obviously a big Facebook fan!
So clever!

The Swedish team Hemskapat are working on something very patriotic.
Hey guys – you hit a weak spot in my heart!

The Knit Knit Rebels from The Netherlands
have gone completely wooligan! Go girls!

And Mr Squid, he is just growing and growing!
Tracey – you are an amigurami master!

(Hey, hurry to her blog and check out the crochet bikini!!)


And here are some fantabulous finished pieces.
Some of them are still traveling to NZ
but some have already found their way to my letterbox.

This colourful piece is from Bali from Twilight Taggers.
If you haven’t checked out her amazing work from
The Light Heart Installation – do it now!

Anja from Germany whipped up this piece in one day.
One day! You rock!

Slipk2not from the UK has finished her beautiful WISDOM piece. Love it!
She has put a lot of thinking into it – you can read it here.

Graffity Grannys have sent me this hilarious piece!
It’s black and gold to support their rugby team (watch out All Blacks!),
in the middle there are gorgeous daffodils and on the sides there are...
two cornish pasties, of course, because they come from Cornwall!
Jeez, I cracked when I opened up this package!

Two weeks ago I received the top piece from Sandie in England.
A couple of days later I received the second one.
And they just kept coming - one by one!
And they are all beautiful!

Die Extremhäklerin from Austria has finished her piece.
I love these funky mushrooms!

Thanks, guys!


IYBD – Awesome!

Here in Devonport is a statue that is a memorial of a much loved local lady,
Nicole, who was unfortunately killed in a car accident.
The statue is treasured and she is often decorated with various
fresh and/or plastic flowers.

Two years ago I thought she looked a bit cold, so I gave her a pair
of leg warmers and a scarf.
She really needed some new winter gear
so for International Yarn Bombing Day, I decided to replace them.

I couldn’t throw away the daffodil and breast cancer brooches someone
had pinned on the old scarf so I decided to put them back again!

I also decided to recycle a piece that has been lying around at home for a while.
This piece was originally put up to comment a graffiti exhibition at
Auckland Art Gallery a year ago.
They removed it straight away...
But I managed to get it back, so here it is again!

This is what I think about International Yarn Bombing Day!

All photos by Michael Miller


Knitty in Melbourne

The amazing Light Heart Installation
is now installed in Melbourne, thanks to Twilight Taggers.

Check some really cool photos here.

Below are some photos of my tag, thanks to Alana Renee Beck.


5 metres!

I received a big package in the mail today and it was from
Alison Friday, Knitting for art.

There were heaps of pieces in the package!

This piece will not fit on the hand rail. I think we will attach it to
another piece and let it hang down. What do you reckon?

This net is an impressive 3.8 metres!

And she included one of her
“ trademark” pieces – a crochet duck

Thanks so much Alison!


I want to emphasise that every piece contributed to
TWWA is equally important.
This is an impressive contribution
but a 10cm piece is just as welcome!