I planted some flowers

I got up early this morning
(well it wasn't THAT early, there were quite a few people out
there but no one was interested in what I was doing)

and planted some flowers.

Devonport, Auckland


  1. Men du, du har virkat?! Underbara!

  2. Nope, I don't know how to crochet... They are knitted! Cast on 40 stitches, cast off one, knit 7, cast off one etc until finished. Cut off the thread, pull through all the stitches on the needle, pull tight and you've got a flower! Make one more (65 stitches), sew them together and you've got a double one. :-)

  3. oh my goodness - could you be any cuter!! I see that your incredibly lovely piece made it safely to Austrailia - oh what fine and colorful work that was BIG GRIN

  4. Love it. You definately put a smile on my face. Keep it coming :o)

  5. You have influenced me.. I have started knitting flowers.. hope you don't mind a 'sister' guerilla knitter in the states! The local art gallery has a flower exhibit.. I think they need some flowers on their grounds. don't you?

  6. LOL Go for it, girl! I'm sure they need some flowers at the exhibition. :-)
    Of course I don’t mind, I'm happy if I get a sister knitter, the more we are the better, don’t you think?
    Thanks for letting me know that I inspired you, it makes me really happy!

    *wow, I influenced someone, how cool is that?*

  7. Such inspiration. I'm usually such a selfish person, but I would love to "plant" some flowers as long as someone will enjoy them. Southern California, USA is about to be flowered!