Done some pimping

“How are you today” was falling apart (again),
so last night my dedicated torch holder, my daughter
(jeez, now I have involved her in my illegal activities...)
and I went for a walk. We took it off and replaced it with
a new one in a different spot on the wharf.

There are 2 new pieces on the wharf!
Same style so I think they are made by the same person.
They look different from the green/blue wavy one though,
so I wonder if a 3rd person is involved??

We continued our walk up the road and jazzed up the market sign a bit.
I hope you don’t mind, Sarah and Sarah!

The first Sunday every month, I have a table at the
Devonport Craft Market. I sell my handmade crafts –
beaded merino cuffs, kid’s beanies, jewellery, wine charms etc.


Devonport Wharf and Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland


Very Good

The new issue of the magazine Good is out.
Good is a brilliant magazine about sustainable living
and this issue features an article called “Pimp your street”.

#14 Get knitty with it

Picture of Outdoor knit and their lovely fence decoration.

Some info about Knitta Please.

Info and pics from the amazing installation in Christchurch by Slip and co.


“...Woollen warmers proclaming ‘Smile’ and ‘Love’
encircle the branches of a Devonport tree...”



The exhibition “A Good Yarn” opened yesterday and it’s
an amazing variety of textile art.
I wish I could show you
but I was not allowed to take photos (which makes sense).

Here are photos of my work

Protect me

Bead knitting, black cotton yarn with more than 1600 silver beads knitted in to it. Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with metallic seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 45x25cm.

Side effect of the swine flu
(Pooh and Eeyore decided to have Piglet put down)

Tapestry (16.000 stitches!) with knitted frame.
My own lovely hand dyed cotton yarn. 50x40cm

(love in maori)

Knitting, once again my hand dyed yarn.
Fluffy yarn around the heart and seed beads on the inside.
Stretched over a canvas and stitched on to it with seed beads.
Fluffy yarn on the sides. 15x30cm.