The second piece for The wolly walk along has arrived and this one comes from Knitty Sr!
She has dug very deep into her stash – it’s made of scraps from mittens and hats
me and my sisters wore when we were kids...

Can you believe she kept them for that long?

Who would have thought they would end up as knitted art
in a woolly outdoor exhibition?

Thanks mum!

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  1. Great job Knitty snr... love the colours...
    cheeky girl, Knitty, I can fully understand why & how Knitty snr could & would keep left over yarn for 'that' long... she was waiting for the right opportunity to use it & it has arrived so you can appreciate what a great Mum you have... lol
    I have some wool belonging to my Mum that I swear would be older... ummm I will say No more... haha