Check it out!

The woolly walk along is growing by the day and the team just
blow me away! Their creativity and commitment is amazing!

Some peeps have sent me pics.

This piece is from Stormarela in Canada.
Check out all the little ‘thingies’ in the rainbow part. Very cool!

‘The grass is greener on this side’
from Zippitydoodah here in Auckland. Too cute!
(When you catch the ferry from Auckland CBD and arrive in Devonport,
you realise that, well, the grass in greener!)

As I live in Central Oregon in the US, on the east side of the Cascade mountains,
I wanted to make a picture of the terrain here to share with you in NZ.
The piece is in the colors of the area, pine and sage greens, blue for the Deschutes River,
and our ski mountain, Mt Bachelor, white, as it is now covered with snow.
From Sarah in Oregon, USA. Beautiful, thanks Sarah!

Die Extremhäklerin in Austria makes these very funky mushrooms
and she has promised to make quite a big piece for us! Yay!

Some pieces from Knit Knit Rebels in The Netherlands.
The whole crew will catch up in a couple of days and rumour has it
that there are a bunch of pieces heading my way!

Tracey from Mostly Nerdy Crochet in the US doesn’t make woolly tags
– she makes amiguramis. Well until now!
I convinced her to join in and now she’s making us a giant squid!!!
How cool is that?

The amazing Strickbombe in Germany has sent a pic of phase 1.
And told me that phase 2 includes a whole rugby team!
Can you believe it!?

I’m so proud of you, guys!

And if you want to join this fantabulous team – send me an email!

Address to the right.


  1. look at what you've started! this is going to be SO cool.

  2. Amazing! What a fabulous start to the project. I can't wait to see the whole thing!! (Unfortunately it will have to be through pictures - hope you take LOTS!)

  3. I'm so excited about this project – I can hardly sleep at night!!

  4. Wow. This is going to be outstanding. Do we have enough railing for all this outstandingness?! You might have to take it along the sea front as well!