I have received some more awesome pics from The woolly walk along team.
I love that our project is turning out so randomly quirky and absolutely amazing!

Good on you team!

Tracey’s amazing Mr Squid has now got the piece that will
hold him onto the handrail. Look how big that squid is!!

Slipk2not from the UK is working on some very intricate intarsia.
I love her message. Well done, girl!

My dear sister Mia in Sweden has sent me a sneak peak of her piece.
I know that she’s a master of crocheted coral reefs,
and it looks like it could be one, doesn’t it? Love you, sis!

Sarah has made us another piece picturing her home area. Did you know
that they breed lots of lamas in Oregon, USA? I didn’t but I really like lamas
and I think this piece is beautiful. Thanks Sarah!

Rhondy here in Auckland is making heaps of pieces for us!
Do we like space invaders? We LOVE space invaders!!
And I know that there will be more of them on TWWA.

Janis is making Sound of Music! As you do if you come from Austria!
Hilarious! I wonder if I can chain a tape recorder to the hand rail
so that we get the sound effects? :)

That’s all for this time.

Thanks for sharing!

There is still plenty of time to join this project.
Details at the top.

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