Let there be light

Twilight Taggers are organising a woolly art installation for the
play host to the 'Lights In Winter' festival for the month of June.
A giant structure incorporating lights, lanterns, snowflakes
and yarn bombing will be set up for all to see.
This will be up for the whole month.

I will contribute with this piece.


  1. How long does lettering like that take to make?
    By the way - AWESOME JOB!

  2. This piece is wonderful! Do you knit the letters or embroider them after you have done the knitting?

  3. Thanks! I made the piece in two evenings so maybe 7-8 hours in total? I intarsia knit the letters, it probably took a couple of hours.

  4. That's awesome. I think it would drive me crazy to have to do that though I really wish I could do it.