Add on!

A couple of late arrivals have been added to The Woolly Walk Along.
If you want to add on you own piece – go for it! The circumference is 26cm.
Maybe we end up covering the whole hand rail!

If you add on a piece, feel free to add a photo in the album here


Unfortunately, there has been some damage made to TWWA.

Someone has taken ‘Dan, our man’

Elmo has only one arm left

And the cute wee owl is gone...

Street art is street art.
It comes and it goes.
But it was sad to see them go...


  1. Dan is back and padlocked as of yesterday...just in time for the game Vs. France. Did he find his way back on his own or was a new Dan whipped up??

    Loving this tactile work and the human interaction it is bringing x

  2. Check out the bottom of the following post...