New project

The Woolly Walk Along is still up at wharf here in Devonport.
After a few repairs it's still looking really good. And so many people
have told me how much they love it! The tourists have arrived
in Auckland so I thought I'd leave it for the summer.

Now I have a new project in the pipe-line. Two years ago we put up
some pieces on the poles along a hand rail where a lot of kids
walk to school. I kind of planned to do all the poles but had too much on and
it never happened. The pieces are really manky so it's time to replace them.

I sent out an email to the TWWA team and also posted on facebook
and jeez – so many people want to join in. This time we will definitely
do all the poles and it might even be part of the hand rail!

Want to join in? Please send me an email.

Stay tuned – it will be in place for when the kids
go back to school 1 February.

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