TWWA going on auction

The Woolly Walk Along is a huge success!
I have had amazing feedback – people just love it!

Here is your chance to lay your hands on some of the amazing pieces
from The Woolly Walk Along. Some of the pieces have been listed
on TradeMe and all the proceeds will be donated to help building
up Christchurch after the earthquakes.

The most spectacular piece is of course the knitted Dan Carter.
He is now attached to a piece of wood that is signed by
(the real) Dan Carter and team captain Richie McCaw.
How cool is that!

Click on the images to go to the auctions.


  1. Hi!
    I am absolutely in love with your work and wanted to bid for the items. BUT I live outside of New Zealand and the bidding site was only limited to residents of New Zealand... So I could not place a bid...
    But hopefully you will be able to raise a lot of money for a good cause. Fabulous creation and I have actually facebooked about it on my page:

    Happy knitting!

  2. Thanks Kyoko! Yes, it's a shame that TradeMe is limited for NZers... Sorry about that!
    Thanks for sharing on facebook. :)