Thank you!

I noticed the other day that my piece at Devonport wharf
was coming apart at the seam. The piece still looks pretty good
(I put it up in May), so this morning I decided to go and mend it.

When I got there, I could hardly believe my eyes.
Someone else had already fixed it!
It’s sitting there, a bit faded and fuzzy from the sun and the rain,
but neatly fixed to the hand rail. Someone else cares about
my woolly tagging and can be bothered to mend it!

Thank you!
You made my day


  1. how great, it's like a knitting virus that's spreading through Devonport!

  2. oh, i love that kind of heartwarming story! your work is just awesome and so intricate. i loved what you sent over to grrl+dog - wow!

  3. yay!
    There is knit graf love around... how could a lover of knit not help out something as beautiful as that?

    Like knit angels they are..