She’s got a hat!

When I walked by ‘Nicole’ yesterday I was
surprised to see that she’s got a hat!
And some more accessories. All in matching colours.

I don’t know who you are, but if you visit my blog,
please leave me a message.

Devonport, Auckland


  1. I have a wonderful friend on the far side of the planet - seen from Sweden that is. Her name is Nicole. She lives in Hobart, Tasmania.
    Her passion is knitting/weaving/taking care of the world.
    She looks JUST like that Nicole on the picture! Same irresistible smile!
    Great idea - knittygraffity anyhow. I am going to adopt it.
    In a little Swedish town, near to where I live in southern S. we have a mushroom-knitting graffity artist.
    What an outstanding initiative! Count me in!

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing! She has got a lovely smile, doesn’t she?

    I assume that you are talking about Pia in Karlshamn? We are members of the same guerilla knitting team, Busy Crochet & Knitting (see link in sidebar). It was founded by my sister, Mia.

    Ja, jag är svensk! ;-)

  3. Japp, definitely. Mushrooms are on the go.
    I will think of something to match them.
    Maybe bees / wasps or flags of some kind.
    Of course, mushrooms don't need bees to survive.
    Neither do they need flags, of course.
    But something that unites them in a sort of story, that's my angle.
    Or carrots. Carrots one can't have enough of, right?