IYBD – Awesome!

Here in Devonport is a statue that is a memorial of a much loved local lady,
Nicole, who was unfortunately killed in a car accident.
The statue is treasured and she is often decorated with various
fresh and/or plastic flowers.

Two years ago I thought she looked a bit cold, so I gave her a pair
of leg warmers and a scarf.
She really needed some new winter gear
so for International Yarn Bombing Day, I decided to replace them.

I couldn’t throw away the daffodil and breast cancer brooches someone
had pinned on the old scarf so I decided to put them back again!

I also decided to recycle a piece that has been lying around at home for a while.
This piece was originally put up to comment a graffiti exhibition at
Auckland Art Gallery a year ago.
They removed it straight away...
But I managed to get it back, so here it is again!

This is what I think about International Yarn Bombing Day!

All photos by Michael Miller


  1. I really like the loved local lady, Nicol´s new outfit!
    I bet she would too!
    Keep on knitting!
    Se our pics at www.wwkipd.se

  2. how pleasing to see 'awesome' getting a second chance.

  3. First of all...that statue is so cool! The knitting just makes it more so. I love this.