Animals? Yup!

Yes, there will be animals on the Woollypoles!
In the last post you could see the wee bees
that came flying in and now I know that there
will be more bees, a ladybug and a puppy as well!
And who knows – more animals might arrive??

The clever Woollypole team doesn't only make animals
they make lots of clever things!

Madhu will add bees and beautiful flowers to her piece

Jaguar (!) made the huge ladybug! She is so cool!

And Yarnbombing Manuwatu
made the oh sooo cute fluffy puppy! 

Some clever embellished wording by Christina

I'm playing with some letters made of i-cord

And Alison is making this beautiful green piece

This installation will be quite something!
Go team!


  1. Omigawsh! Sooooo cool. I have an animal under construction too. Im keeping it a ssssssecret for now. Itssssss under wrapsssssss. Xxx

  2. Ohhh I love the ladybug, well done everyone!!

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