Flower power

Hehe, it didn’t take long to get mum involved!

I showed her the other day how to make flowers and when I came home from work,
she had made heaps. And the day after she knitted some woolly grass and
attached the flowers to it. Last night she sneaked out and put up her first piece.

Welcome to the club, Knitty Sr!


  1. Jättefint, vad roligt att det sprider sig! :)

  2. a game for the whole family! groovy flowers, groovy mother!

  3. Great! Then we have a new member around here soon... she can't drop her newly found graffity skills when she goes home, can she?! ;)

  4. I love this piece; I feel mean for not saying so earlier. I know now how important a response is, wrongly or wrightly. And I'm sad I never saw it in situ..............it's just so cheerful.

  5. Hi Janey, thanks for the feedback! I'll let my mum know since it's her piece.
    It's still there, outside Catch 22 Fish shop and ASB bank, high up on the pole.