12 days to go!

Yes, it’s only 12 days until we will install
The Woollypoles in Devonport.

I’m so excited because it will be truly amazing!

Today I’m only giving you close-up sneak peeks, 
but lots of them.

There are still quite a few pieces to come.
Impressed, so far?


Animals? Yup!

Yes, there will be animals on the Woollypoles!
In the last post you could see the wee bees
that came flying in and now I know that there
will be more bees, a ladybug and a puppy as well!
And who knows – more animals might arrive??

The clever Woollypole team doesn't only make animals
they make lots of clever things!

Madhu will add bees and beautiful flowers to her piece

Jaguar (!) made the huge ladybug! She is so cool!

And Yarnbombing Manuwatu
made the oh sooo cute fluffy puppy! 

Some clever embellished wording by Christina

I'm playing with some letters made of i-cord

And Alison is making this beautiful green piece

This installation will be quite something!
Go team!


Clever crafters

The team for the Woollypoles in Devonport 
continue to blow me away. 

They are so clever!

Linda and her team is coming up with
some amazing green pieces.

Madhu has finished the bright blue 
and moved on to another shade.

 Sandie has whipped up another fantabulous piece.

Sarah knitted her piece during the Olympics and when 
Ashton Eaton from her home town grabbed a gold medal 
– well, she had to bring in some gold to his honour!

Schwester Wolle has sent us some very cute bzzzzzz!

Slip2knot has made some very cool runes and pretty flowers. 
And, yes, we do enjoy them!

And finally a very Irish green piece from Donegal Yarnbomb

Love them!


Sneak peek

Lots of people have already joined Woollypoles in Devonport!

This installation will be colour themed and as you
can see below, it will be very bright and colourful.
Here is a sneak peek of the work in progress.

 Strickbombe even matches her toe nails to her piece!

Donegal Yarnbomb is going with an Irish theme.

Sandie has made her trademark stunning flowers!

 Yarn Bombing Manawatu has got something
really interesting coming up!

 Madhu has picked a bright blue colour for her piece. Like it!

Spencer has created some amazing corals.

And I guess you know by now,
that I enjoy leaving a message.

The pieces are pretty cool, eh!

You are more than welcome to join in
– send me an email to the address at the top of the right column.